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Mebert Creek Natural Area

This rich swamp forest shelters rare and reclusive animals and plants

Along the shores of Lake Leelanau lies a tapestry of wetland habitats where Mebert Creek discharges into Lake Leelanau. One of the region’s most diverse wetland complexes, with 174 acres and over a mile of shoreline, this preserve provides undisturbed habitat for rare and threatened plants. It also filters and removes excess nutrients, thereby protecting the water quality of the lake.

The lowland forest contains birch, ash, basswood, red maple, white pine, tamarack, and cedar. Understory thrives where light breaks the canopy. A variety of ferns, wild rose and yellow lady’s-slippers provide shelter for reclusive species such as otter and bobcat.

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GPS Coordinates:
44.9098457516, -85.7047176498
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