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Whaleback Natural Area

Activities: Benches, Birding, Challenging terrain, uphill climbs, Guided Tours, Hiking, Lake frontage, Viewing Platform or Overlook, Wildflowers

This 10,000-year old geologic wonder has all the attributes that made its preservation a must – spectacular views from its towering bluffs above Lake Michigan, varied terrain which hosts unusual communities of plants and wildlife, and a location within easy walking distance of the village of Leland.

This is a very pretty hike with a gradual ascent through hardwoods that in the fall provide an excellent color tour hike. In the spring, sweet woodruff crowds the understory. This pretty, sweet-smelling plant is an invasive species that gives the woodland an almost fairy-like appearance; unfortunately it chokes out all but the hardiest natives, such as baneberry, jack-in-the-pulpit and squirrel corn. Conservancy naturalists are working to create a more balanced environment.

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Whale Back
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Ted Cline
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45.0103544832, -85.7767371702
Phone: (231) 256-9665
Email: info@leelanauconservancy.org
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